Market America Northeast Regional Convention



November 17 & 18, 2018

Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI


Friday November 22, 2019 - Registration begins 2:30 PM – R.I Conv. Center Exhibit Hall A

Saturday November 23, 2019      GENERAL SESSION     9:30AM – 6:00PM

7:30 AM  Registration Open outside Exhibit Hall A/B
8:30 AM  Doors Open
9:25 AM  National Anthem/ Emcee Ryan Stack Opening Announcements        

  • PHIL GUIDO, Field Vice President- Opening Address
  • LISA GRANT, Field Vice President,Using Social Media to gain Product knowledge and make Retailing easy
  • ANDREW CHEE, National Supervising Coordinator- Making the Names List and Creating Funnels that anyone can enjoy
         to get more possibilities
  • BONNIE PHILO, Executive Director - Conversational Prospecting and Qualifying. The Ten Second Rapid Fire Approach
  • JIM DWYER & PHIL GUIDO – 2019 Northeast Regional Convention Photo Contest Winners
  • MEET THE MAJORS Part 1- Melanie Nelson & Sue Pasqual (TLS), Jason Pelland (MA WebCenters), Lisa Brown (Shop Financial)
  • MATT SUMSION- The iTransact Advantage
  • GARY ROGERS, Director - How to conduct a 2-on-1 appointment
  • LUNCH BREAK 1 hour 15 minutes
  • MELANIE NELSON, Director – Mastering the 3 foot rule
  • SPECIAL GUEST: MARC ASHLEY, Chief Operating Officer of Market America
  • Recognition of Successful UnFranchise Owners (Up to Director)
  • STACY WHITED, Executive Director - The mindset of a successful UnFranchise Owner- developing a winning attitude

SATURDAY EVENING Networking Social, DJ Party and Karaoke Contest
"Live DJ" open cash bar. Everyone is invited to network, sing, and dance

          Rhode Island Convention Center Main Stage Exhibit Hall A
                6:45 -   7:45PM  -  MA WEBCENTERS – Jason Pelland                   
                8:00 -   9:00PM  -  MOTIVES COSMETICS – Mary Hussey 
                9:10 - 10:10PM  -  SHOP FINANCIAL – Lisa Brown       
          Rhode Island Convention Center Junior Ballroom
                7:00 -   8:00PM  – TLS WEIGHT LOSS – Sue Pasqual & Melanie Nelson 
                8:15 -   9:30PM  – NUTRAMETRIX HEALTH PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM - Sarah Tugender      

Sunday November 24, 2019    GENERAL SESSION    9:30AM – 5:30PM

8:30 AM Doors Open to Exhibit Halls for General Session
9:25 AM Emcee Ryan Stack Opening Announcements

  • MEET THE MAJORS Part 2- Sarah Tugender, nutraMetrix, Mary Hussey, Motives, Rachel Lee-Carey, Shop Financial
  • SPECIAL GUEST: MARC ASHLEY, Chief Operating Officer of Market America
  • HEALTH PROFESSIONAL PANEL; JIM DWYER Hosts - Sharon Lawrence, Dr. Dan Witkowski, Tamara Weinstein
         What you need to know about Thymenol, CannabiQuin, and CannabiCool
  • PHIL GUIDO- Imprinting; How to get the Chickens to lead to the Ducks to lead to the Geese
  • LUNCH BREAK 1 hour 15 minutes
  • CULLEN HASKINS, Director - Creating Your Vision and Mission
  • Northeast Region Awards- E.Weber Award, Top Retailer, Top Recruiter, Golden Goose Award
  • Recognition of UnFranchise Owner Levels - Executive Director up to International Field Chairman
  • MARC BERNACCHIBuilding Belief and Culture Through the GMTSS
  • ELIZABETH WEBER, International Field President- 13 Successful Habits of an UnFranchise Owner