Beauty Advisors, This Is for You! We are committed to your success and wanted to make sure you have access to a platform that will empower you to grow your business faster and more effectively than ever. Treat your business like the million-dollar opportunity it is! Make sure all sessions are in your calendar – then it’s plug and play! xx

1st Monday of each month: Motives Roundtable:

This event is perfect for guests / prospects and business partners. The topic of conversation will change each month, as will featured guests. But all will be relevant to the beauty industry and focus on personal success stories. Events will be scheduled in Motives Official FB Page, with verbiage and images to use for invitation / promotion (TO REGISTER: )

1st Wednesday of each month: MBBA Mix & Mingle

Virtual networking opportunity for potential prospects for the Motives Beauty & Business Academy. If you are certified through the MBBA, you have the opportunity to invite a prospect to a virtual meet and greet. This is the perfect way to create a flourishing relationship with a Beauty Industry Professional and also learn from some of the best in our community. You’ll observe the art of asking questions and offering customize solutions. We’ll also help facilitate next steps. (TO REGISTER: )

2nd Monday of each month: Virtual Beauty Lounge

A perfect opportunity to get hands on and learn both about products themselves and also the ‘how-to’ of application techniques. Different themes each time, with a variety of hosts and a chance to be a VIP guest in the lounge. This is FUN and interactive. Great for customers to learn about product and great for Beauty Advisors to stay in the atmosphere, support their community and leverage their time as the experts educate! Events will be scheduled in Motives Official FB Page, with verbiage and images to use for invitation / promotion (TO REGISTER: )

February 8th: Beauty Lounge 

Will you be our Valentine? Join us for a night of fun and connection with your favorite Beauty Advisors! We want to walk you through a classic glam look that is the perfect amount of sultry and feminine. So whether you want to indulge in self-love and take yourself on a date, or you want to add an element of surprise and romance to your love life - we’ll help you achieve it!  Think Marilyn Monroe allure; a perfectly edged eyeline, lush lashes and a bold red lip that’s just the right hue for you!  Hosted by Celebrity MUA, Song Lopez, you’ll learn new tips and tricks - but also have FUN!

HOST: Leigh Raeder & Song Lopez

3rd Monday of each month: The Business of Beauty

Join us with guests to learn about the evolution of the beauty industry, current market trends, and how to position yourself as an entrepreneur with a competitive edge. Conversation will be stimulating and relevant! Featured hosts will offer their unique perspective and get hands on with product demos, review our partnership options, engage guests and help facilitate proper next steps of business evaluation. Events will be scheduled in Motives Official FB Page, with verbiage and images to use for invitation / promotion


February 15th: Business of Beauty 

Did you know over the next few years, the Global Beauty Industry is expected to reach a value of $863 billion! Or that as the industry evolves, it’s become apparent that the consumer has become the retailer and the advertiser of the product?

JOIN US for a fun and interactive session on The Business of Beauty! We’ll be getting personal with our featured presenter, Martha Tello Rosser, as she shares some creative solutions on how to balance keeping the integrity of professional-quality products and services, paired with accessibility and entrepreneurial spirit.  In an industry that has been so shaken up over the last few years, we know that so many are still having trouble finding their groove.  We want you to know we GOT you and we welcome you to partake in this lively discussion and observe some product demos. Our goal is to leave you feeling more hopeful than ever and with a stronger sense of community.

3rd Wednesday of each month: Motives UBP

We’ll be offering a professional showing of our business plan each month for you to leverage! It’s great to learn something new, personally, invite prospects to – and duplicate!


February 17th: Motives UBP 

If you’re looking for a way to take the business of beauty to the next level, this is it! Join us for a more detailed tour of some of our exclusive beauty brands and to learn about what makes our marketing plan so powerful and unique!  A huge part of our culture is that we’re better together and our business plan is the perfect way to leverage 100% of one another’s time and talent! 

HOST: Leigh Raeder

4th Monday of each month: Beauty Advisor Learn Lab

We want to make sure everyone who has a passion to continue to evolve into the best that they can be, has an opportunity to plug in and learn something new as the month ends. You may learn about a new way to market yourself or a product, a new feature on your website, the science behind product, how to effectively host an event, conduct a consultation, etc.! Sky is the limit and we will be sure to keep the content cutting-edge and action packed to help get you to the next level. (TO REGISTER:

February 22nd: BA Learn Lab 

This session will be a follow-up on the unboxing of our New Beauty Brand Business Bundles that we hosted on February 1st.  We will be offering an educational session on how to host a Beauty Boost bash, Level-Up Your Makeup workshop or Skincare clinic.

Our business is all about pairing best in class products with education, FUN, and ongoing support. So join us to learn how to take your business to the next level by implementing these retail events and duplicating within your own organization for lucrative results that last!

  *Speakers, Agenda, Dates and Locations are all Subject to Change.


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