Market America Northeast Regional Convention



November 18 & 19, 2017

Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI



Challenge Dates:  Friday September 1, 2017 to Tuesday October 31, 2017  

Deadline for Submission: All entries must be received NO later than Monday Nov. 6, 2017. by 5:00 pm Send Scanned documents to
or by mail: Russell Polo 84 Alda Drive Poughkeepsie NY 12603

Winners will be recognized on stage at the Northeast Regional Convention. The best reward you will experience is that you will be closer to reaching your goals and achieving your dreams. The time is now to make it happen!

GAIN AN ADVANTAGE: If you purchase your Northeast Regional Convention tickets from your Local Coordinator or online at before September 3rd, and you FILL OUT AND SUBMIT THE "NE REGIONAL CHALLENGE ENTRY FORMwe will BACK-DATE your challenge to begin on August 13, 2017 (last day of International Convention), to take advantage of the excitement created by the Convention. This gives you an additional 3 and a half weeks to achieve the challenge! You can only take advantage of the back-dating if you submit the Challenge Entry Form 

Steps to become a 2017 Northeast Regional Convention CHALLENGE WINNER:

Click here to fill out and submit the NE Regional Challenge Entry Form

1) Purchase 3 tickets to Northeast Regional Convention.  If you are going for the
     Top Ten you must purchase 7 NE Regional Convention tickets.
     Tickets must be purchased directly from a Local Coordinator in your area or online at   Attach copy of receipt showing purchase of tickets and ticket numbers or photo of tickets.


  • All tickets purchased online at will count
  • Tickets purchased from your UBP Coordinator or Local Coordinator must match the name and ticket numbers listed on the official Ticket
         Ledger provided by the Local Coordinator
  • Tickets purchased from another Market America UnFranchise owner, other than a Local Coordinator, WILL NOT COUNT.

2)  Purchase 3 tickets to. MA World Conference (Note: Ticket numbers must be
     documented. Proof of purchase will be required. No ticket can be counted twice)

3)  Comment on and share a post about the Northeast Regional Convention on the "MA
     Northeast Region" Facebook page:
      (search Facebook for “MA Northeast Region”)

4)  Personally sponsor 2 new qualified UnFranchise Owners during the Challenge
      period and post a picture of you with your new business partner on the "MA Northeast Region" Facebook page (Between Sept 1 and Oct 31)

5)   One of your personally sponsored UnFranchise Owners must Personally Sponsor 1 new Qualified UnFranchise Owner during
       the Challenge period (Between Sept 1 and Oct 31)

6)  You and your two new personally sponsored UnFranchise Owners must complete all of the following:   
            a) Complete Shopping Annuity Assessment
            b) Complete a new or existing Shopping Advisor
            c) Download, install and log into ShopBuddy.

7)  Create 1,000 BV worth of MA branded products for personal use. Must submit order numbers, dates and BV amounts
     (Note: you may use the SABP Report under “View Qualified Orders”)

8)  Conduct or attend 2 home events with a guest. Can be any of the following: Home Business Presentation (HBP), home Wellnesss
     Event, home Motives event, home SHOP.COM website– shopping event, Shopping Annuity overview. You will be required to submit the
     names of your guests, location and dates of the events, and post a picture of you and your guest at the meeting on "MA Northeast    
     Region" group Facebook page. (Between Sept 1 and Oct 31)

9)  Listen to 2 audios per week from the MA audio download library. Document the audios that you listened to and the key points.

10)  Convert Spending to Earning- Generate a minimum of $1,000 in products for personal use and/or sales to end users through
or partner stores (not MA branded products). Document by printing your SABP Report, under "View Qualified Orders" or
      print your Order Tracking Report.

11) Purchase 3 tickets a Local Seminar that takes place during the Challenge period (Sept 1 - Oct 31)      

12)  You must personally attend at least one Local Seminar during this period.

ADDITIONAL STEPS TO GO FOR THE "TOP TEN" in the Northeast Regional Challenge:

 (Verified by Local Coordinator Ticket Ledgers)


3)     Become a Master UFO or re-qualify as a Master UFO during the Challenge period or in the past year since 4th quarter 2016.
        (include a copy of Master UFO letter, or back office report)

4)     Qualify as a Shopping Annuity Master Member at least one quarter since October 2016.  ( print/screenshot SABP report )

Bonus criteria for Top 10 Challenge Winners and E. Weber Award:

  • Each additional personally sponsored UnFranchise Owner = 100 points
  • Additional 1⁄2 Activation of ANY personally sponsored UnFranchise (in addition to the new UFO's counted in step #4 & 5 in the Challenge
         above) = 100 points
  • Complete a Local Seminar Challenge during the Challenge Period (Sept 1 - Oct 31) = 50 points  (limit one local challenge)
  • Tiebreaker based on total BV & IBV generated made during Challenge period.

All UnFranchise Owners must have their completed documentation delivered to the
NE Regional Challenge Coordinator, Russell Polo, by 5pm on Monday, Nov. 6th, 2017.

Email :             Phone: (914)456-2122

Mail your submission:  Russell Polo,  84 Alda Drive.,  Poughkeepsie NY 12603


The winners of the 2017 Northeast Regional Challenge will be given special recognition on stage at the 2017 Northeast
Regional Convention.  The Top Ten will be revealed on stage on Saturday, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners will
be announced on stage on Sunday.

The UnFranchise Owner, who follows the simple steps to enter the TOP TEN, accumulates the most points and submits their supporting
documentation to the Challenge Coordinator by the deadline will be the 2017 Northeast Regional Challenge Winner and will be presented
on stage with the

“E. Weber Award” and receive 2 tickets to the MA WORLD CONFERENCE 2018.

The Second Place Winner will win 1 ticket to MA WORLD CONFERENCE 2018

Third Place Winner will win 4 tickets to the next Local Seminar in their Local area

Follow the Challenge documentation instructions and updates posted to Challenge Coordinator:
Russell Polo Email:

Phil Guido, Northeast Regional Director